Development Cooperation

Development cooperation

Flemish development cooperation makes an active contribution to poverty reduction in the Southern African region.  Indeed, the Region has one of the highest poverty and inequality rates worldwide. As a reliable and predictable donor we are focussing on a limited number of sectors which reduce this inequality.  In this way, we enable partner countries to realise in the long term an increased level of prosperity and welfare for all their citizens.

The global agenda on sustainable development and poverty reduction is indicative for the Flemish development policy. This framework acknowledges that poverty reduction is not merely a matter of social measures. Economic growth is a prerequisite for the creation of prosperity as well; however, this growth is only sustainable if it respects the earth’s carrying capacity. Within the framework of its development policy, Flanders seeks to consequently charge social, economic and ecological sustainable development dimensions.

In order to prevent fragmentation of resources for international cooperation, it is essential for Flanders to restrict its co-operation to a few partner countries and issues. Flanders aims to support only one sector per partner country.  By bundling together technical expertise, follow-up capacity and financial resources, we can create more added value for development opportunities in the partner countries. The current sectors are:  1) job creation & development of Small, Micro and Medium enterprises (SMMEs) in South Africa; 2) the right to health, including sexual and reproductive healthcare in Mozambique; and 3) agriculture and food security in Malawi.



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