Flanders Trainee Programme

Working for the UN? A traineeship at the EU?

Many students and young graduates dream of doing a work placement at an international organisation. For most of them,  however, this remains a dream. This is not surprising, given the costs of such an unpaid work placement. In order to gild this financial pill to some extent, there is the Flemish subsidy programme: the Flanders Trainee Programme for International Organisations!

For whom? What? Where?

The Flanders Trainee Programme is meant for applicants who:

  • have secured a work placement with an multilateral organisation,
  • are younger than 35 years at the starting date of their work placement,
  • are holder of a final diploma, obtained at an institution of secondary or higher education, financed or subsidised by the Flemish Community.

The work placement lasts for at least 2 and at most 6 months, and takes place with an approved multilateral organisation.

If the applicant meets these conditions, the Flanders Trainee Programme provides for a subsidy for travel and accommodation costs.


  • The applicant himself/herself is responsible for finding and securing a work placement.
  • The subsidy application must be submitted six months before the start of the work placement at the earliest. If the application is submitted after the start of the work placement, financing may be provided for the remaining period of the work placement, provided this period lasts at least another 2 full months. Please take into account that the effective payment of the subsidy takes one month and a half on average.
  • The subsidy application must be made through the application form.
  • The subsidy cannot be combined with any financial support from the organisation itself; the work placement must be unpaid.

Vacant work placements are regularly posted on the Facebook page. It is also the ideal place to get in touch with trainees.

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