Flemish ODA

The Flemish ODA provides an overview of the Government of Flanders' expenditure on development assistance. This expenditures complies with the official criteria for development cooperation, set out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

A financial transaction is eligible for ODA-registration if it meets each of the following conditions :

Grants or loans to countries and territories on the DAC List of ODA Recipients (developing countries) and to multilateral agencies which are:

  • undertaken by the official sector;
  • with promotion of economic development and welfare as the main objective;
  • at concessional financial terms (if a loan, having a grant element of at least 25 per cent).

Under the terms of the Framework Flemish Parliament Act on Development Cooperation, the annual ODA report is regarded as a mandatory report to be delivered to the Flemish Parliament. To consult specific data on Flemish ODA, digital access is provided on the basis of search parameters. All search results can be filtered according to year of disbursement. Specific technical and financial information (such as objectives, sectors, disbursements) will appear when selecting the project titles in the SharePoint lists.

In the ODA database all project information is available, based on multiple seach parameters such as disbursement year, beneficiary type, sector, country, ...

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