Flemish representation at the European Union

Europese vlag

Flanders has a Representation within the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union.

The Flemish Representation is headed by the General Representative of the Flemish Government, next to a series of attachés from the different Flemish administrations. These Flemish attachés take part in working groups by the Council, in which they can operate as Belgian spokesperson - depending on the Council formation.

The Flemish Representation forms the Flemish front office with regard to the European affairs. For position determining reasons, they rapport on the most recent European trends to the Flemish administrations (back office) who are responsible for the final determination of policy.

The Flemish Representation keeps contacts with the European institutions, other member states and regions.

The Flemish Representation has grown into an extensive team. This growth must be seen as a Flemish Government policy to structurally enlarge the Flemish Representation by posting from the Flemish administrations.


Flemish representation
Wetstraat 61-63
BE 1040 Brussels

T: +32 2 553 62 01
F: +32 2 553 62 00

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