International Enterprise Unit

Within the Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs, the International Enterprise Unit contributes to the drawing up of policy documents such as the policy memorandum and the policy paper, through the provision of information regarding international enterprise and the redaction of drafts. In addition to monitoring the economic reports, the Department itself conducts concrete research regarding relevant policy themes.

The Flemish Support Centre for Foreign Policy, International Enterprise and Development Cooperation, an initiative taken by the Flemish authorities, provides the necessary information to underpin the policy scientifically.

In addition, the Department supports the Minister in his parliamentary activities. In cooperation with the Minister's Office and Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), it provides information that can be used by the Minister in his answers to written questions, requests for explanation and interpellations. The questions and answers can be found on the Flemish Parliament website.

Finally, the Department also helps in drawing up the documentation for official visits, foreign missions and the receptions of foreign delegations. A good preparation, with socio-economic, demographic, political and cultural information is required in order to make these trade missions as efficient as possible. To this end, close cooperation is set up with FIT.


Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs
International Enterprise Unit
Boudewijnlaan 30 bus 80
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