Tourism Flanders-Brussels

Tourism Flanders-Brussels has the mission 'to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism in and to Flanders with a view to increasing economic return, employment and welfare (for the population of Flanders)'.

This mission contains the four pillars on which the activities of Tourism Flanders-Brussels are based:

  1. Make the tourism offer in Flanders more attractive through aimed investments and support.
  2. Actively promote Flanders as a destination in order to attract more visitors.
  3. Enable every Fleming to participate fully in tourism.
  4. Promote the further professionalization of the sector in order to guarantee the provision of a high-quality offer to visitors.

Starting from this mission, Tourism Flanders-Brussels has developed a vision on its part to play in tourism in Flanders and in the tourism sector. In order to fulfil the mission, the Agency has set out a strategy for the coming years.

The mission of Tourism Flanders-Brussels has been laid down since the creation of the Agency in March 2004. The Flemish Parliament Act establishing the internally autonomous agency with legal personality 'Tourism Flanders-Brussels' has been adapted during the restructuring of Tourism Flanders-Brussels by a modified Flemish Parliament Act, but the fundamental task of the Agency has remained largely the same.

However, Tourism Flanders-Brussels is no longer responsible for the licensing policy and the enforcement. This is the responsibility of the Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs.


Tourism Flanders-Brussels
Grasmarkt 61 – 1000 Brussels
Tel. 02 504 03 00
Fax 02 504 03 77 (Dutch)


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