'Vision on EU'

On December 23, 2016 the Government of Flanders approved the "Vision on the future of the European Union".

The vision statement serves as a guideline for the Government of Flanders in the assessment of legislative and other initiatives. The text sets out the role of the EU in tackling the major challenges that European society faces. It also stipulates in which policy areas EU legislation provides added value for Flanders.

The vision statement defines ten key interest for the EU:
1. To further propagate  our shared fundamental values, standards and freedoms
2. To shore up Schengen Area with effective external border checks
3. To provide targeted support to socioeconomic reforms in the Member and Federated States
4. To take initiatives that encourage  investments, in full respect of the Stability and Growth Pact
5. To develop a social policy, and in particular tackling social dumping and ‘fiscal shopping’
6. To deepen the EMU with the completion of the Banking Union as its first priority
7. To deepen the internal market with an energy, transport and Digital Union
8. To achieve a breakthrough in the key strategic trade agreements with state of the art investment protection
9. To implement an ambitious and efficacious sustainability policy and continued development of the European Research Area with research programmes aimed at the knowledge and low carbon economy of tomorrow, in accordance with the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement
10. To conduct a potent foreign, security and defence policy, in particular in Europe’s neighbouring regions.

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