Flemish leadership role in youth work continues to yield results

Monday, 6 November, 2017 - 15:00
Vlaamse voortrekkersrol rond jeugdwerk blijft vruchten afwerpen

The European Union and the Council of Europe (Partnership in the field of youth) recently published an edition to further stimulate the development of youth work in Europe, entitled 'Thinking seriously about youth work'. In addition, Germany announced to organize a third European Youth Work Convention in 2020. Flanders put the importance of youth work on the European agenda in 2010 and is therefore delighted that the Flemish pioneer role continues to yield results.

In 2010, Flanders was the first to organize a European Youth Work Convention during the Belgian presidency of the EU. This resulted in a Declaration and a resolution on youth work. Also the second European Youth Work Convention in 2015 was organised on the initiative of Flanders during the Belgian Presidency of the Council of Europe. This convention was also followed by a Declaration and a CoE Recommendation on Youth Work in 2017.

Click here to view the publication 'Thinking Seriously About Youth Work'

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