Minister-president finds good elements in Juncker's SOTEU

Monday, 18 September, 2017 - 15:57
President Juncker

Minister-president Geert Bourgeois is pleased with the clear vision on the future of the EU, proposed by Commission President Juncker on September 13 during his ‘State of the European Union’. In line with the vision of the Government of Flanders, according Minister-president Bourgeois, Juncker engages in those policy areas where the European Union generates the most added value.

“I'm pleased that the President of the European Commission does not plead for an institutional big bang, a European superstate, or a sterile 'more' or 'less' Europe debate, but for a better Europe that takes into account the multilayered governance context in which the Union only acts when it can make a difference.
I am particularly pleased with the announcement of a subsidiarity and proportionality task force under the leadership of Vice-President Frans Timmermans. In dialogue with national parliaments he will examine in which areas the EU or the national parliaments are best placed to take action.”

Juncker also stressed that the European Parliament must have the final say on trade agreements. The Government of Flanders is now looking forward to a Commission proposal on splitting trade and investment agreements in line with the Flemish EU vision. "I’ve addressed the Commission President in person and by letter on this issue. The division has become even more logical after the European Court of Justice issued its opinion on EU-Singapore."
In the interests of the open and export-oriented economy of Flanders, the government is in favor of transparent and fair trade agreements with Japan, Mexico and South America. "And let’s not forget the USA. These negotiations should also be restarted as soon as possible", said Geert Bourgeois.

Read the reaction of Minister-president Bourgeois here. (only in Dutch)

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