Sven Gatz presents idea for Citizens Budget for Culture to the European Culture Council

Wednesday, 22 November, 2017 - 10:29
Sven Gatz stelt idee Burgerbudget Cultuur voor op Europese Raad cultuur

Flemish Minister for Culture Sven Gatz today shared his idea for a Citizens Budget for Culture with his European colleagues during the European Culture Council. With this idea from the Citizens Cabinet in Brussels, Gatz wants to encourage cultural organizations to make a part of their budget available to citizens.

The 28 European ministers for Culture and Audiovisual Affairs meet formally twice a year in Brussels. The meeting took place under the chairmanship of Estonian Minister Indrek Saar, responsible for Culture, Audiovisual Affairs and Sport.

Minister of Culture Sven Gatz used the opportunity to explain the idea for a Citizens Budget for Culture to his European colleagues. This way, Gatz wants to give everyone the opportunity to set up artistic projects, for example, or to contribute to determining the programming of the cultural house. At the same time, this idea must stimulate cultural organizations to appeal to a broader and more diverse public.

Gatz stressed during the meeting the economic and social importance of culture: "Every day I see how culture brings individuals, neighborhoods and cities to life. By bringing people together, stimulating reflection and promoting dialogue. Also in the integration of refugees, for example, culture plays an important role and we can still learn a lot from each other."

Minister Gatz hopes that the idea will also be heard elsewhere in Europe. In his own country, he looks at what is possible with the Brussels cultural houses and how they can further shape this idea.

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