Vision 2050: A long-term strategy for Flanders

Wednesday, 23 September, 2015 - 10:00

The Government of Flanders has presented its future ‘Vision 2050’ for Flanders, namely a social, open, resilient and international Flanders that creates prosperity and well-being in a smart, innovative and sustainable way, in which every individual counts.

‘Vision 2050’ sketches a long term policy vision across all Flemish competences (environment, culture, transport, etc.), in order to provide an answer to new opportunities and challenges, and to put into gear the sought-after transitions in the Flemish society.

To reinforce this ambitious vision for the future, the Government of Flanders already selected seven so-called transition priorities:

  1. Dealing with and being prepared for major technological and social changes
  2. Taking a leap into the industry 4.0
  3. Lifelong learning and employment opportunities for every individual
  4. Developing a strategy on demographics and carrying out reforms to accomplish future care and welfare
  5. Continuing the structural transition towards the circular economy
  6. Working on a smooth and safe mobility system
  7. Ensuring an energy transition

Download the complete notes  "Vision 2050: a long-term strategy for Flanders"   (only available in Dutch)

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