About the Representation

Since 2002 the Government of Flanders has had a Representative Office in the UK, based in Flanders House. Flanders House is part of the Belgian Embassy and our role is to promote Flanders in the UK. 

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Vlaams huis in Londen

Centenary of the First World War

In 2014, we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War. The Government of Flanders has set up a four year-remembrance project, known as The Great War Centenary

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Economic diplomacy

Together with Flanders Investment & Trade, the Flemish Representation is engaging in international business activity.

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Academic diplomacy

The standard of education in Flanders today is one of the highest in Europe, both in terms of education and research. This absolute advantage is one of Flanders’ assets and should be maximized abroad.

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Cultural diplomacy

In Flanders we have a rich cultural history, and also nowadays our artists are amongst the best in the world. The Representation is therefore proud to be an active advocate of the Flemish culture.

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Public diplomacy

One of the most important tasks of the Flemish Representative is to put 'Flanders on the map' in the UK. 

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