Studying Dutch in the UK


Like English and German, Dutch is a Germanic language. It is spoken by 23 million people and is one of the official languages of the European Union. Within Europe, Dutch is an official language in the Netherlands and Belgium. In South America it is an official language in Suriname, as well as on the Caribbean Islands of Aruba, Curaçao and St Martin. With very close cultural and economic ties between the countries, there are many reasons to study Dutch in the United Kingdom.

There are various options to study Dutch in the UK:

In Flanders House London, Dutch language lessons for children (4-12 year old) are organised on Saturday mornings. In two different age groups the teachers are working on high level learning and improving of the Dutch language, as well as focusing on a range of Flemish/Dutch cultural themes and festivities. If you would be interested in this offer, you can contact teachers Hanne Van Hirtum ( en Hanne Schulpe (

Furthermore there are many schools where Dutch is taught, and you can also choose to learn Dutch in private. For contact details for schools and private tutors, we would like to refer to the information provided on the following website:

There are also three universities in the UK that offer courses and degrees in the Dutch language, which also offer courses on society, history, arts and culture in the Low Countries:

• University of Nottingham: Students can study Dutch language at beginners’ level and take modules in Dutch literature and culture as part of their German degree. In addition, Nottingham is one of the few universities in the UK to offer a full degree strand in Dutch leading to BA degrees.

• University of Sheffield: With around eighty students on their programmes, Sheffield has the largest Dutch department in the UK in terms of student numbers. You can study Dutch as part of an Honours degree with German, French or History, you can study Dutch as free credits or you can study Dutch as either a major or minor component of a BA Modern Languages.

• University College London (UCL): UCL houses the largest Centre for Dutch Studies in the English-speaking world. You can either study Dutch on its own or combine it with Management Studies, History of Art, Film Studies etc. or another modern European language.