'Flanders Literature' launched at London Book Fair

Tuesday, 14 March, 2017 - 12:56
Flanders Literature

The Flemish Literature Fund launched 'Flanders Literature' at the eve of the London Book Fair (14-16 March) together with the General Representation. With that new name, the Fund will promote henceforth Flemish literature abroad.

'Flanders Literature' got a completely new look & feel, as you can discover on their equally brand new website www.flandersliterature.be. This website in English is meant for international publishers and organisers, in order to help them in their search for that one title or author that would fit perfectly in their catalogue or festival.

On the website, 'Flanders Literature' presents a topselection of literature from Flanders. Visitors can search along (sub)genre, author, title, and whether or not the book has  been translated into a different language. In addition, you can look for accredited translators from the Dutch, find articles on the different genres promoted by 'Flanders Literature', as well as background information on the book market in Flanders and the fact that literature from Flanders is written in Dutch.

More information: Els Aerts, coordinator communication and international relations, els@flandersliterature.be

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