Nic Van der Marliere unveils 'Talking Tapestry of Langum'

Friday, 31 March, 2017 - 11:34
Nic Van der Marliere met tapijt

Links between the people of Flanders and the UK pop up regularly as the two share a great history together. Last week, a Flemish link with the village of Llangwm was highlighted as a research project created a 5m-long (16ft) tapestry illustrating the town's history.

‘The Talking Tapestry of Langum’  tells the story of the arrival of Flemish invaders, sent by King Henry I in the 12th century to pacify the local Welsh, followed by Flemish settlers, who brought skills such as weaving to Pembrokeshire. As a part of the project, some of the villagers had their DNA tested. As it turns out, one of them, Norman Roach, is a direct descendent of the Flemish de la Roche family. This family shaped the village from the 12th century onwards.

After thousands of hours of work by volunteers, the tapestry was officially inaugurated in a chapel of St Jerome’s church by the UK General Representative of the Government of Flanders, Nic Van der Marliere.

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