About the Flemish Data Utility Company

The Flemish Data Utility Company wants to stimulate citizens’ trust in sharing data, by focusing on responsible and secure data sharing. At the same time, we want to give oxygen to the Flemish economy by making data more findable and exchangeable, and by building bridges between citizens, companies and associations for better cooperation. We are a neutral third partner and catalyst for innovative initiatives and we stimulate economic and social prosperity.

With this approach, Flanders has the potential to become a leader in the European data economy.

Letting data flow is the key to giving our society and our economy a huge boost in the 2020s. But that requires trust.

Jan Jambon

Flemish Prime Minister


The Flemish Data Utility Company is an organization in formation and is part of the relaunch project Vlaamse Veerkracht.

Projects and Solid

The purpose of the Flemish Data Utility Company

To carry out our mission and ensure that data can flow safely and smoothly, we work on a number of key pillars in the areas of privacy, data vaults, data sharing and developing ecosystems.

The advent of personal data vaults

As a citizen retaining control over your own data, and being able to choose which data you share with which organization and for what period of time: this is becoming possible with the new technology of personal data vaults.

The Flemish Data Utility Company is creating a progressive and innovative platform that will make this possible. The idea behind data vaults comes from the mind of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web, who launched the technology under the name Solid. We are also collaborating with knowledge institutions such as Ghent University and imec for this project.

All of a citizen’s data can be stored in a data vault, regardless of where it comes from. Storage is done in a standardized format that all ecosystem participants can use.

This allows you as a citizen to choose to share information with anyone in the ecosystem, and allows the recipient to use that data for your intended purpose. All this is done through an intuitive user environment.

With these types of smart data services, we allow data to flow more smoothly, while citizens and businesses always maintain control over their data.

Flemish Data Utility Company Magazine

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