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    Parking card for people with a disability

    People whose weakened health condition limits or reduces their mobility, can apply for a parking card for people with disabilities. This parking card gives you permission to park in reserved parking spaces and in the blue zones. These parking spaces are often conveniently located, such as at the entrance to a complex or in the city centre.


    You are eligible for a parking card for people with disabilities if:

    • you score at least 2 points on the ‘mobility’ criterion (adults) or the ‘mobility and movement’ criterion (children)
    • you are affected by a permanent disability of at least 80%
    • your health condition reduces your capacity of self-reliance with at least 12 points
    • you are affected by a permanent disability of at least 50% in the lower part of the body
    • your upper limbs are completely paralyzed or amputated
    • you are a war invalid with at least 50% of war disability


    You can apply for the parking card:

    • on the website of the Directorate-general for People with a disability (only available in Dutch and French).
      • To apply for the parking card you must first fill in a questionnaire. To fill in the questionnaire you need an electronic ID, a card reader, and you need to know your PIN code. After completing the questionnaire you can submit your application. The Directorate-general for People with a disability will then proceed to determine your rights, based on the questionnaire. For this purpose, they can also claim additional information from other agencies, and your doctor or specialist. You will be informed of the decision by letter.
    • by phone to the following number 0800 987 99
    • by letter, addressed to the ‘Cel parkeerkaarten en attesten’ of the Directorate-general for People with a disability

    Unless otherwise stated on the parking card, this card will remain valid indefinitely. Its use is strictly personal. It may only be used if the person for whom the card is intended is the driver of the vehicle or travels along as a passenger.


    Directie-generaal Personen met een Handicap (Directorate-general for People with a Disability)

    Administratief Centrum Kruidtuin, Finance Tower
    Kruidtuinlaan 50 150
    1000 Brussels
    0800 987 99