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    Your rights as a patient

    As a patient you have many rights. You can assert your rights not only with doctors, but also with dentists, pharmacists, midwives, physiotherapists, nurses, and so on.

    Your rights as a patient

    • You are entitled to inquire about any information regarding your health, potential treatments and risks involved, prices, and so on.
    • You must be able to give your explicit consent for a medical examination or treatment, and you also have the right to refuse a medical examination or treatment.
    • You have the right to protect your privacy and are, therefore, allowed to know the contents of your medical file and to whom this information is disclosed.

    Ombudsman services

    Each hospital has an ombudsman service where you can lodge complaints about your medical treatment. The ombudsman services must do their utmost to provide the best possible solution for the problems, questions, and complaints you have as a patient.

    If you have complaints about a care provider who does not work in a hospital, or if no specific ombudsman service is available for the problem you have with a care provider, you can contact the Federal mediation service ‘Patient rights’.

    You are also entitled to lodge a complaint with the Court. However, by raising your problem first with the ombudsman service, you can avoid a lawsuit which is often a difficult, long, and expensive process.

    Medical errors and accidents

    Have you, or somebody close to you, been the victim of a medical error or accident? In both cases, you can call upon the help of the Fonds voor de Medische Ongevallen (FMO) (available in French and Dutch only). You can contact this fund for medical accidents by mail:

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