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Timing and Budget CEF 2021-2023

Studies can receive a co-financing of max. 50%.

For works a maximum co-financing rate of 30% applies, with a possible augmentation of the EU-contribution up to 50% for works related to inland navigation, ITS/telematics, Motorways of the Sea and innovation. The complete work programma is available online(PDF file opens in new window).


The budget is EUR 6 billion per year, including EUR 2,8 billion limited to the cohesion countries, EUR 330 million for military mobility and more than EUR 500 million for clean fuels for all modes of transport.

ObjectiveCall 2021Call 2022Call 2023
Completion of the TEN-T network (art. 9(2a))Core 1.6202.0001.6202.0001.6202.000
Comprehensive 250350250350250350
Total 1.8702.3501.8702.3501.8702.350
Upgrade of the TEN-T network (art. 9 (2b))Smart and interoperable mobility400150400150400150
Sustainable and multimodal mobilityAlternative fuels400125400125400125
Other 100251002510025
Safe and secure infrastructure100150100150100150
Military mobility (art. 9 (2c))330330330


The first call for proposals was opened on September 16, 2021 and closed on January 19, 2022.

The intention is also to maintain approximately the same timing for the next 2 calls for proposals in subsequent years, so publication in September, deadline in January.

For the calls from 2024 onward, it will be determined later how the remaining budget of the programme will be distributed, which priorities will be highlighted and the timing for the launch and closure for the submission of project proposals.