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Flanders Inspires International Visitors' Programma 2022: Smart and Sustainable Supply Chains

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18 oktober 2022

From 10 to 14 October 2022, our Department supported the ‘Flanders Inspires International Visitors Programme’ (FIIVP), a programme tailored to 8 carefully selected top people in the logistics sector abroad. The week focused on what Flanders has to offer in the field of ‘smart and sustainable solutions for logistics’.

The programme took shape thanks to the contributions of all Flemish partners (Department of Chancellery and Foreign Affairs (DKBUZA), Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) and the Flemish Innovation Cluster for Logistics (VIL)) who expertise and network.

After an introduction to the Flemish policy framework and actors that play a role for the logistics sector on Monday, the participants were able to dive into more concrete cases in the field in the following days and see with their own eyes what logistics Flanders has to offer in concrete terms. domains such as (air)port and urban logistics, autonomous inland shipping, pharmaceutical logistics, digital twins and physical internet. New challenges such as ensuring the resilience of the logistics chain and cybersecurity also received the necessary attention.

The Flemish universities as well as the main research centers imec, VITO and Flanders Make were able to give a glimpse of their activities and relevant projects. In addition to a visit to Logiville, Zaventem airport, the port of Antwerp-Zeebrugge, Seafar and several major logistics players such as H. Essers and DHL were visited.

To conclude the week, we looked back at the dense programme, which innovations the participants would certainly take with them and propagate in their respective countries, but we also looked ahead at the further steps to keep in touch with each other, to focus on broader cooperation with both the policy actors involved as well as with the private sector, knowledge organizations and universities.

We thank the participants for their active participation, their open mind, pressing questions and for their cooperation in making this edition of the FIIVP a success!