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    Consumer protection and mediation

    As a consumer, you enjoy certain rights. If you are the victim of unfair trade practices (e.g. bad pricing or misleading advertising), then you have the right to file a complaint.

    Do you have questions regarding your rights as a consumer?

    You can get help from the contact centre of the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy regarding your questions for free or read more about your rights as a consumer on the website of the FPS Economy.

    Where can you go as a consumer when you have a complaint?

    Initially, you contact the trader or seller. It's always necessary to submit your request to the company in question before filing a complaint. Some companies have a point of contact or a complaints department. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is best to make sure that you have written proof of your complaint.

    On the FPS Economy's website, you will find Belmed, a platform where a dispute with a trader/seller who is active in Belgium, can be settled online through the intervention of a mediator, without having to take the matter to court.

    You can also contact the Consumer Mediation Service, an independent public service which:

    • informs consumers and companies about their rights and obligations, particularly about the options available for the extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes;
    • receives all requests for the extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes and, if applicable, either transfers them to another qualified entity competent in the matter, or handles them itself;
    • intervenes in all requests for extra-judicial settlements of disputes when no other qualified entity is competent.

    If the trader or seller regarding whom you have a complaint is located in another Member State of the EU or in Norway or Iceland, then you can obtain free legal advice or file a complaint with the European Consumer Centre Belgium.

    Are you the victim of misleading practices, fraud or swindle?

    Then you can report your problem online. You can choose the scenario that matches your problem and follow the various steps to report your problem to the competent services. They will analyse your report and may carry out an investigation. They do not take any action in your individual dispute, nor do they provide any information concerning the investigation. For your individual problem, they exclusively refer to the initial reply that will be sent to you.


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