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    Training vouchers for employees

    When you are working in Flanders or Brussels and you would like to receive training or career guidance with a training institution that is recognised by the Flemish authorities, then you can pay for that with training vouchers.


    You can use training vouchers when you:

    • work in Flanders or in Brussels
    • have an employment contract (also as a temporary worker or permanent civil servant).

    You can use training vouchers for:


    First of all, find out the enrolment fee that you have to pay for the training. Would you like to receive training that costs 120 euros, for instance? Then place an order for 120 euros of vouchers. There are vouchers of 5, 10 and 25 euros. The Flemish authorities pay for half of the voucher’s worth, you pay for the other half. This means that for a 120 euros training, you only pay for 60 euros yourself. Never place an order for an amount that is higher than what you need.

    You can order your training vouchers:

    • from the VDAB on the free number 0800 30 700
    • online on the website of the VDAB. You must register in order to do so.
    • in a VDAB office
    • in a Werkwinkel (local job centre)

    You can order vouchers until two months after the start of the training. They remain valid for 14 months.


    Per calendar year, you can purchase a maximum of 250 euros in training vouchers. The Flemish authorities pay for half of that.
    In certain cases, you can ask for an additional contribution:

    • when you do not have a diploma of secondary education and receive particular training
    • when you do not have a diploma of higher education and receive particular training
    • when you belong to a disadvantaged group and receive training within the framework of career guidance.

    For trainings that you receive as a self-employed person or by order of your employer, you can appeal to the SME Portfolio (pdf)