You can apply for the home adaptation grant as occupier or as lessor.

  • The occupier is the private individual who occupies the house on the application date on the basis of a right in rem or of a rental agreement for minimum three years.
  • The lessor is the owner-lessor of the house who has concluded on the application date a rental agreement with a social letting agency for at least nine years.

Whether or not you will receive a home adaptation grant, depends on

  • your age
  • your income
  • your house
  • the invoices.


You can only apply for the home adaptation grant after completion of the works and if you live in the house.

Fill in the application form (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster)) and sent the form (including invoices and necessary documents) to Wonen-Vlaanderen (Housing Agency Flanders).

A decision will be taken within three months, provided the application is accurate and complete. The grant will be paid within three months after this decision.


The home adaptation grant will amount to 50% of the cost price of the works. The grant will be at most 1,250 Euros.

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