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    Holiday offers for people on a low income

    Disadvantaged people or people on a low income may be entitled to a discount on the price of a holiday or day trip from the Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie (Holiday Participation Support Point).

    There are discounts on day trips (e.g. amusement park, zoo or museum) and on holidays such as

    • an individual stay in a hotel, on a camping site, in an apartment, a holiday resort, a holiday house
    • a group holiday organised by a social organisation
    • an organised holiday (e.g. children's camp).

    Each year brochures are published containing day trips and holidays all over Flanders and in Brussels, or sometimes in other places.


    Who is entitled to a discount?

    • People who, due to financial or other problems, cannot afford a holiday or a day trip. The European poverty line is taken as the criterion for a holiday or day trip discount.
    • Only people who are domiciled in Flanders or Brussels are eligible.

    To which holidays and trips does the discount apply?

    You can find the holidays and day trips for people on a low income on the Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie website (available in Dutch only) and in their brochures.


    In order to obtain a discount on a day trip or a holiday, you have to submit an application. You can do so by yourself, but the easy way is to do it through a social organisation of which you are a member (e.g. a public centre for social welfare (OCMW), a Centre for General Welfare Work (CAW), community animation or family guidance). They will prepare the application for you.

    Do you prefer to do it yourself? Then follow these steps:

    • First you deliver proof of income to the Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie (SVP), like a copy of a last year's tax returns together with an attestation of family composition, or an OMNIO-status.
    • SVP will send you the application forms and a brochure with all the holiday and day trip offers.
    • Make your choice and submit the application form.
    • If you apply for a holiday, SVP will send you a confirmation. If you apply for a day trip, you will receive a ticket with which you can pay at a discount.


    Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie (Holiday Participation Support Point)

    Grasmarkt 61
    1000 Brussels
    Tel.: 02 504 03 91
    Fax: 02 504 04 05