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    Additional circulation tax for LPG systems

    If you install an LPG system on your car, you have to pay an additional circulation tax.


    The additional circulation tax for LPG systems applies to:

    • Passenger cars, dualuse cars and minibuses
    • Small trucks requalified as passenger cars, dualuse cars or minibuses

    the motor of which runs, partially or temporarily, on liquified petroleum gas or other liquified gaseous hydrocarbons.


    Passenger cars, dual-use cars and minibuses are exempted from the additional circulation tax if:

    • They are exclusively used for a public service
    • They are exclusively used for public transportation or special passenger transportation on the basis of an authorisation or a concession from public authorities.


    The additional circulation tax for LPG systems is collected at the same time as the annual circulation tax for passenger cars.

    • You automatically receive a tax bill with a transfer request form from the Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service as long as the vehicle is registered.
    • You pay your tax starting from the first day of the month during which you registered your vehicle.

    If you only install an LPG system on your car after your registration or if you remove it from your car, you have to present your car to the technical inspection within thirty days following the modification, and you cannot use it in traffic before this inspection. After the technical inspection, the DIV (Vehicle Registration Service) will be informed of the modification. You will automatically receive a tax bill to pay your additional circulation tax or to get it back.

    On the Flemish Tax Service website, you can follow the status of your personal file by means of the online digital platform (link in Dutch).


    The amount of your additional circulation tax is based on the vehicle’s horse power.

    Unlike the amounts of the circulation tax, the amounts of the additional road tax are not indexed.

    Taxable horse power

    Amount of the tax

    Up to 7 HP

    89.16 euros

    From 8 to 13 HP

    148.68 euros

    More than 13 HP

    208.20 euros


    You can calculate the amount of the additional tax by using the online simulator or the online application. The amount provided by the application is strictly indicative and may differ from the official amount.


    The additional circulation tax for LPG systems does not apply to small trucks.


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