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    Annual road tax for passenger cars and similar vehicles

    The annual road tax is a regional tax on motor vehicles transporting people or goods by road. In Flanders, the annual road tax is collected by the Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service).


    As soon as you register a new vehicle or a second-hand vehicle at the DIV (Vehicle Registration Service) you must pay an annual road tax.

    The category passenger cars and similar vehicles includes the following cars:

    • Passenger cars
    • Dual-use cars (transport of people and goods)
    • Slow dual-use cars
    • Minibuses
    • Ambulances
    • Motorcycles (including tricycles and quadricycles)
    • Small trucks (maximum authorised weight: 3500 kg)
    • Trailers, boat trailers and camping trailers (caravans) from 750 kg to 3500 kg
    • Camping-cars (mobile homes)
    • Vehicles with a transit or temporary vehicle license plate.

    Discount on the annual road tax

    Depending on the vehicle type or on the activity of the vehicle, you may be entitled to a discount on the annual road tax.

    Types of reduction:

    • Reimbursement combined transport
    • Discount for a port-related activity
    • Discount for a bus which is part of a vehicle fleet
    • Flat discount for LPG vehicles (since tax year 2016)

    Some reductions are automatically attributed but you need to file an application for others. You can find more info about discounts (in Dutch) on the website of the Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service).

    Exemption from the annual road tax

    In some cases, you are entitled to an exemption from the annual road tax.

    Types of exemptions:

    • Exemption for occasional transport (roadmap)
    • Exemption for disabled person
    • Exemption for certain types of fuel (since 1 July 2017)
    • Exemption for certain types of fuel (since tax year 2016)

    You can find more information on exemptions (in Dutch) on the website of the Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service).



    After the registration of your new or second-hand passenger car (or a similar vehicle such as a minibus or a motorcycle, etc.) at the Vehicle Registration Service (DIV), the DIV will automatically inform the Flemish Tax Service.

    • You automatically receive a tax sheet with a transfer request form each year as long as your vehicle is registered.
    • You pay your tax starting from the first day of the month during which you registered your vehicle.
    • If you think your annual road tax is not correct (e.g. calculation), you can file a complaint (link in Dutch).

    As soon as you decide to scrap your license plate, you will no longer have to pay the vehicle road tax.

    On the Flemish Tax Service website, you can follow the status of your personal file on the online digital platform (link in Dutch).


    You can calculate the amount of the annual road tax through the online simulator or the online application. The amount provided by the simulation is strictly indicative and may differ from the official amount.

    The amount of the annual road tax is:

    • indexed annually on 1 July;
    • based on the power (kW-kilowatt), the euronorm and the CO2 emissions of the vehicle.

    Since 1 July 2017, small trucks, hearses and tractors of an MMA of less than or equal to 3500 kg which are not leasing vehicles must also pay a green annual road tax. It is not possible to calculate the amount of this tax online at the moment.


    The following vehicles are exempted from the annual road tax:

    • Vehicles that are only used for a public service (the Post, fire service, ambulances, army…)
    • Vehicles used as a means of transport by war invalids
    • Taxis
    • Motorcycles registered at the DIV with an engine size lower than 251 cc
    • Agricultural vehicles which are only used for agricultural work


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