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    Annual vehicle road tax for vehicles requiring prior declaration

    Some vehicles registered at the DIV (Vehicle Registration Service) need an additional declaration at the Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service) before they can be used on public roads in Belgium.


    You must declare the following vehicles:

    • trucks + tractors starting at 12 tons
    • buses and coaches
    • trailers (<751 kg) which are not registered at the DIV, but towed by a vehicle registered under the name of a leasing company
    • glider trailers
    • camping trailers and boat trailers weighing less than 751 kg
    • vehicles with a commercial license plate or B license plate are excluded from the first category.


    You first have to register your vehicle at the Vehicle Registration Service (DIV).

    Then, you must declare the vehicle through ‘Mijn dossier’ (link in Dutch) or by filling in the declaration form for the road tax before sending it to the Vlaamse Belastingsdienst (Flemish Tax Service):

    • by means of the digital platform (link in Dutch)
    • by mail or fax to the Flemish Tax Service in Aalst (the address is mentioned on the declaration form).

    If you want to use the vehicle immediately, you should go to one of the five provincial offices with your declaration form, your technical specifications sheet (or a copy of it) and your eID to fill the declaration form.

    • The Flemish Tax Service sends the tax sheets each year in October.
    • You must pay the tax within two months after the mailing date of the tax sheet to the Flemish Tax Service’s bank account.
    • If you think your road tax is not correct (its calculation for example), you can file a complaint (link in Dutch).

    You must notify the Flemish Tax Service of any modification (scrapping of the license plate or end of the life of the vehicle for example).


    The amount of the tax is calculated:

    • depending on the MAW (maximum authorised weight) and the drive shafts for trucks and composite vehicles used for the transport of goods;
    • depending on the HP (taxable horse power) for buses and coaches;
    • depending on the HP or the MAW of your vehicle for commercial license plates (license plates starting with Z).

    The age of your vehicle is not taken into account for the calculation of the tax.

    The amount of the tax can sometimes be fixed, such as in the case of certain types of trailers.


    Vehicles with a MAW lower than 12 tons do not need to be declared and are not subject to the road tax. They still need to pay the kilometre charge.


    Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service)

    Koning Albert II laan 35
    1030 Schaarbeek


    Dienst DIV - Inschrijving voertuigen (Vehicle Registration Service)

    City Atrium
    Vooruitgangstraat 56
    1210 Brussels