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    Request for exemption from the kilometre charge

    Every heavy goods vehicle of more than 3.5 tons used for the transport of goods has been subject to the kilometer charge since 1 April 2016. For certain categories of vehicles, an exemption from the kilometer charge can be requested.


    Vehicles which may be exempted from the kilometer charge

    • Vehicles exclusively used by the army, civil defence, fire department and police which are recognisable as such
    • Vehicles especially and exclusively equipped for medical purposes which are recognisable as such
    • Vehicles of the agricultural, horticultural or forestry type, making limited use of the public roads in Belgium and are used exclusively for agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry.

    Where should I request the exemption?

    This depends on the address mentioned on the vehicle’s certificate of registration.

    From which moment on does my exemption apply?

    • In the Flemish Region and in the Brussels Capital Region, the exemption only applies after approval.
    • In Wallonia, the exemption applies as soon as it is requested.

    Where does the exemption I obtained apply?

    An exemption obtained in one of the Belgian regions (Flemish Region, Brussels Capital Region or Walloon Region) is also valid in the other regions.