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    Vehicle registration tax (BIV)

    The vehicle registration tax (belasting op inverkeerstelling or BIV) is a one-time tax every owner of a new or second-hand vehicle must pay when the vehicle is first used on public roads in Belgium. In the Flemish region, the BIV is collected by the Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service).


    The vehicle registration tax (BIV) must be paid for passenger cars, minibuses, motorcycles (more than 50 cc), boats and aircrafts (links in Dutch), that are registered in Belgium.

    For certain types of vehicles you can request a BIV exemption:

    • cars used as a personal means of transport by people with a disability and by severely disabled war invalids;
    • vehicules that are exclusively used to transport ill or hurt persons;
    • vehicles from certain government organizations or international organizations;
    • plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles and natural gas vehicles (CNG/LPG).


    Once you have registered your vehicle for the first time at the DIV (Vehicle Registration Service), you will automatically receive a tax sheet from the Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service). After receiving it, you have two month to pay the BIV.

      If you think you are eligible for an exemption, contact the Flemish Tax Service

      • by using the contact form (only available in Dutch) on the website of the Flemish Tax Service;
      • by mail or fax addressed to the Flemish Tax service in Aalst;
      • by visiting one of the five provincial offices.


      The amount of the BIV is based on:

      • the environmental impact of the vehicle (CO2 emissions, fine dust emissions, fuel type, euro emission standard, presence of a soot filter);
      • the age of the vehicle based on when it was first registered.

      You can calculate the amount of the BIV through the online simulator or the online application (links in Dutch). The amount provided by the application is strictly indicative and may differ from the official amount.


      In the following cases, the BIV does not have to be paid:

      • the transfer of a vehicle between partners as a result of divorce or death for example. This exception, however, does not apply to the case of a legal cohabitation.
      • the re-registration of the same vehicle by the same taxpayer when exchanging an old number plate for a European number plate for example. 
      • for campers (mobile homes), light trucks and trucks with a MAM of more than 3.5 tons.

      More information


      Vlaamse Belastingdienst (Flemish Tax Service)

      Vlaamse Belastingdienst
      Vaartstraat 16
      9300 Aalst