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    Energy performance certificate required for rental or sale of an habitation

    If you want to rent or sell an appartment, a studio and most other housing units, you must hold a energy performance certificate (EPC). The EPC mentions the energy rating of an habitation and informs the buyer or tenant on how to make the home more energy-efficient. The EPC must be mentioned on all rental or sale advertisements in order to inform potential buyers or tenants about the energy efficiency of the housing unit.  An EPC remains valid for 10 years.


    You must hold a CPE for all separate housing units you want to sell or rent which can function autonomously. To be considered as autonomous, a housing unit must be equipped with its own toilet, shower (or bath) and kitchen (or kitchenette). Autonomous housing units include:

    • a house
    • an apartment
    • a studio
    • a social housing
    • a service flat (except when a daily price is asked instead of taking out a lease)
    • A holiday home, a chalet

    For an overview of all homes for which an EPC is required, please check website (in Dutch only).


    The seller or landlord of an habitation must be able to produce an EPC when he puts it up for sale or for rent (e.g. on a website, in a regional newspaper, a notary's newspaper, via a broker, etc.).

    Only accredited energy assessors of the Flemish authorities catalogued in the list of type A energy experts are entitled to issue an EPC. The issue of an EPC approximately takes half a day.

    The seller or landlord must present the EPC to any (potential) buyers or tenants.

    • When selling the habitation, the seller hands the original EPC over to the buyer. 
    • When renting the habitation, the owner hands a copy of the EPC to the tenant. 

    An EPC remains valid for 10 years. No new EPC is required if the existing one is still valid when the home is resold or rented out to another tenant. If the home has become more energy-efficient before the expiration of an EPC, a new EPC may be produced.


    The cost price of an EPC is not fixed. The price depends on the complexity of the building and on the travel expenses of the energy expert. You should compare the price and quality of different energy experts. The seller or tenant are not allowed to include the cost price of the EPC in their tax form.


    Vlaams Energieagentschap (Flemish Energy Agency)

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