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    Flemish rent premium for prospective tenants of a social house

    Low-income families who have been waiting four years or more for social housing and live in a private rental house can qualify for a monthly rent premium.

    If you already receive a rent subsidy, and you also qualify for a rent premium, then your rent subsidy will end and you will receive a rent premium instead.


    You qualify for the rent premium, provided you meet a number of conditions.

    • You must rent a house:
      • as main residence
      • in the Flemish Region
      • for a rent (without additional costs) that is lower than a certain limit. The limit is different for each municipality.
      • which is in conformity with housing standards.
    • You must have been registered for a continuous period of at least 4 years with a social housing company that operates in the municipality where you live. If you move, you must register with a social housing company in your new place of residence, no later than 3 weeks before the move.
    • The sum of the annual income and the non-taxable replacement income of you and the family members living with you may not exceed a certain amount.


    If you qualify for a rent premium on the basis of the social housing company's information, you will automatically receive a personalised application form with a yellow sticker.

    • You are to return the completed form, together with a copy of your rental contract.
    • If your application is complete, you will be informed within 2 months whether you will receive the rent premium.
    • If your application is incomplete, you will be informed within one month.

    You will receive the rent premium as long as you meet the conditions. You are obliged, however, to report any change of address or changes to your family situation to your social housing company.

    Are you moving? Then the rent premium will be temporarily suspended. If you meet the conditions, you will receive a new application form for the rent premium at your new address.


    The rent premium is calculated on the basis of

    • the rent (the indexed amount mentioned in the rental contract under monthly rent)
    • the area in which you rent a house
    • and the number of dependants.

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