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    Flemish Rent subsidy

    If you have a low income and move from a poor, non-adapted house to a decent, adapted house which you rent on the private rental market or from a social letting agency, you qualify for a contribution towards the rent or a rent subsidy. You only qualify if you have recently moved or are planning to move within the short term.

    This contribution towards the rent is composed of two parts.

    • a monthly rent subsidy and
    • a one-off installation premium.


    To receive a rent subsidy you must fulfil a number of conditions.


    Your taxable family income must not exceed a defined maximum.


    Over the past three years you did not have full ownership of a house or did not have a right of usufruct to it.

    The house you are leaving

    The house you are leaving must be situated in the Flemish Region and must fulfil several conditions.

    The new house

    The new house must be situated in the Flemish Region and must meet certain standards.

    Compulsory registration with a social housing company

    If you apply for the rent subsidy, you are obliged to register on the waiting list of a social housing company in your municipality at the latest six months after your application. If you have applied for the rent subsidy prior to the start of the rental contract, then you have 6 months from the start of the new rental contract.


    Apply for the rent subsidy by means of

    • the application form
    • or the application form for those who rent a house at a social letting agency

    You can submit the applicationĀ at the earliest 9 months before the start of the rental contract and at the latest 9 months after the start of the rental contract.

    You will receive the rent subsidy for a maximum of 9 years and as long as you are on the waiting list of a social housing company in your municipality.

    The rent subsidy will also end if you move to a social house or if you receive a rent premium. You can never receive a rent subsidy and a rent premium at the same time.


    The first payment is made within 4 months after your application has been approved.

    The one-off installation premium equals three times the amount of the first rent subsidy.

    The monthly rent subsidy equals around 1/3rd of the rent.

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