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Belgium is requesting a united approach to PFAS pollution and calling for an exchange of best practices. In doing so, Belgium is supporting the position taken by the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, all of which are calling for a ban on the production, sale and use of all PFAS in Europe, with the exception of a few so-called ‘essential’ applications, such as those used for certain medical purposes.

The insights and knowledge gained over the past few months in the context of the PFOS contamination first identified around the 3M factory, and later at several locations in Flanders, have led to this clear Belgian position.

In order to open up these insights in areas beyond Flanders, the key information and decision of the first intermediate PFAS report by Karl Vrancken, responsible for addressing the PFAS issue, has now been made available in English.

“Only a broad ban on PFAS will encourage the development of good, sustainable alternatives,” says Karl Vrancken. “It is from this ambition that we are putting PFAS on the agenda of the European Council of Ministers today: a united European approach is essential. The first step is the exchange of knowledge and expertise, of best practices. That is why we are sharing the insights we have built up over the past few months, and we are calling on other member states to do the same.”

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