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    Early medieval waterscapes. Risks and opportunities for (im)material cultural exchange

    In September 2016, together with the City of Antwerp, the Free University of Brussels and the Zeeland Cultural Heritage Foundation, the Flanders Heritage agency organised the 67th Sachsensymposion in Antwerp. This international, multi-day congress brings together a group of researchers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Poland, who focus on early medieval archaeology and history. Due to its location near the Scheldt, the congress theme in Antwerp was given the title "Early medieval waterscapes. Risks and opportunities for (im)material cultural exchange". It is customary to publish the papers of the speakers in a congress bundle in the series Neue Studien zur Sachsenforschung. Volume 8 of this series contains a large number of papers from the meeting in Antwerp. Nineteen reviewed articles are included in five thematic chapters: Waterscape societies: landscape and environment, Waterscape societies: material culture, Waterscape and hinterland connections, Trade and transport in northwestern European estuaries and New Research Results. They include interesting results from very diverse research on the early Middle Ages in Northwestern Europe: landscape research supported by GIS applications, the importance of the coast and rivers in the socio-economic development of communities, the importance of place names, the trade routes for amber, the operation and management of the first water mill, the emergence of early trading centres on the rivers, .... This publication is a joint publication of the Flanders Heritage Agency and the Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum.
    Onroerend Erfgoed
    Publication date
    October 2019
    Rica Annaert (red.)
    Neue Studien zur Sachenforschung 8