You can apply for the renovation grant as occupier or as lessor:

  • If you are of age and you occupy (are domiciled at) the house as the owner or on the basis of a right in rem.
  • If each cohabitant who is of age (the person with whom the occupier is legally or actually cohabiting or to whom he or she is married) meet the income and property requirements.
  • If you have been letting the house to a social letting agency for at least 9 years on the application date.

Whether or not you will receive the renovation grant, depends on

  • your income
    Your income cannot exceed a certain limit. There are no income limitations for lessors.
  • your house
    Has to be situated in the Flemish Region, has to be at least 30 years old, and has to be primarily used for housing a family or singles.
  • your other properties
    You cannot possess another property on the date of the application or in the three years preceding the application. For the lessor, there are no property conditions.
  • your invoices
    The invoices cannot be over 2 years old and will be subjected to additional conditions.

The renovation works that are eligible for the renovation grant, are divided into 4 categories:

  1. structural works
  2. roof
  3. exterior carpentry
  4. technical installations: central heating, electrical installations, and plumbing.

For each category you have to be able to submit invoices for a minimum of 2.500 Euros (exclusive of VAT). For the first 3 categories (structural works, roof, and exterior carpentry), there is no maximum invoice amount. For category 4 ‘technical installations’, there is.


You can only apply for the renovation grant:

  • After completion of the works and if you possess the necessary invoices.
  • And from the moment that you occupy the house or have let it to a social letting agency for a minimum of 9 years.

To apply for the renovation grant, you have to fill in the application form and invoice list ((opens in new window)). You will also have to attach any other required documents that are mentioned in the application form.

  • You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt after one month.
  • The decision will follow within 8 months after a correct and complete application.
  • The payment will be done within 12 months after your application.


The grant shall amount to 20% or 30% (depending on your income) of the approved invoices (exclusive of VAT) and can never be higher than 10.000 Euros for both applications together.

  • Last revision 25/11/2021
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