If you belong to one of the two categories below, you are eligible for the single permit with indefinite term:

Category 1

  • You legally reside in Belgium.
  • You worked for at least 4 years during the 5 years preceding your application.
  • You worked with work permits and/or single permits.

Category 2

Considered as work period

Were you incapacitated for work during your employment? In that case, we also consider that period to be a work period if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your incapacity for work was the result of:
    • sickness
    • an occupational disease
    • an industrial accident.
  • You became incapacitated for work at a time when you were employed on a regular basis by your employer who was established in Belgium.

Not considered as work period

The periods below do not qualify for your application for a single permit with indefinite term.

1. Periods when you were not working or did not have a job

Periods when you had an admission to work for services that were not part of an employment contract. Example:

  • an agreement of placement as an adolescent au pair
  • an unpaid work placement for a trainee.

2. Periods when you worked as a posted employee

Periods when you had admission to work in Belgium for an employer established abroad.

3. Periods when you worked in Belgium for residence reasons

Periods when you were allowed to live and work in Belgium because you had a specific residence status (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster)).


Alle informatie over de aanvraagformulieren vindt u hier.

This is how you apply for your single permit with indefinite term:

  • Stap 1
  • Stap 2
    • Your identity card
      Choose the situation that applies.

      • What if you are not yet in Belgium at the time of your application?
        • copy of your foreign identity card
        • copy of the personal details on your international passport.
      • Are you already in Belgium at the time of your application?
        • copy of your Belgian residence permit.
    • copy of the payslips or pay statements from the entire period for which your most recent admission to work is valid:

      • work permit and employment permit for employment before January 1, 2019

      • single permit for employment after January 1, 2019.

    • copy of your current employment contract
      or, failing that, another document proving that you have sufficient income (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster))
    • proof that you have health insurance (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster)) that covers all risks to you and your family members.

  • Stap 3

    Send your file to the Economic Migration Department in Brussels.

    Employment and Competencies Division
    Economic Migration Department
    Koning Albert II-laan 35 box 20
    1030 Brussels

  • Van toepassing op Vlaamse Gewest
  • Bevoegde instantie Departement Werk en Sociale Economie