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    School allowances for nursery, primary and secondary education

    The costs associated with education can be quite high. This is why the Flemish authorities provide school allowances in some cases.


    In order to obtain a school allowance, certain conditions must be met:

    • your nationality
      You must be a Belgian national. If you are not a Belgian national, you or your parents must live or work, or have worked in Belgium for some time.
    • your income
      Whether your child will receive a school allowance depends on, among other things, your family situation and your income. This includes your salary as well as, for example, any benefits and alimony payments you may have received. In certain cases, the cadastral income (estimated net rental value of your real property on an annual basis) of your residence will also be a factor in the calculation.
    • School or study programme
      You must follow a recognised study programme at a school that is recognised, financed or funded by the Flemish Community. Some study programmes are not eligible for a school allowance. There are additional conditions for the different levels of education:
      • Nursery education
        Pre-schoolers must attend school for a minimum number of days depending on their age.
      • Primary education
        Pupils cannot exceed 29 half days of unjustified absence.
      • Secondary education
        You may be eligible for a school allowance until the school year in which you reach the age of 22. Exceptions apply to some study programmes.
        The rule regarding unauthorised absence also applies to secondary education. Those who are absent for more than 29 half days (per school year) without authorisation during two consecutive years will lose their school allowance.


    If you think you are eligible for a school allowance, please submit your application. There are two possibilities:

    • You can submit your application online (only available in Dutch).
    • Or you can also choose to apply on paper. You can obtain the application form at the school or you can order it by calling the free number 1700. You can also download the application form for a school allowance here below.

    If you wish to receive more information or guidance during the process, please contact the CLB (pupil guidance centre) of your child’s school or ask the school secretary.


    The amount of the school allowance depends on different factors. These factors include, amongst others, the student’s level of education (nursery, primary or secondary education) and wether the student attends a boarding school or not.

    It may take some time to process your application. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can apply for an advance on your school allowance.

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