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    Service vouchers

    The service voucher is a means of payment, subsidised by the regional authorities, which allows a private user to pay an employee of a recognised company advantageously for household work.

    To order service vouchers, you must first subscribe to Sodexo. The subscription is free. You have to be a private person living in Flanders.

    There are two types of service vouchers:

    • paper service vouchers: you date, sign and give the employee a service voucher for every full hour of work performed.
    • electronic service vouchers: the employee uses your mobile phone or telephone to call a free number and registers his/her performances. They are passed on to the recognised company and paid for by means of your digital wallet.


    • You only pay 9 or 10 euros per hour performed.
    • The minimal order is 10 service vouchers.
    • You can buy a maximum of 500 service vouchers per year. There are a number of exceptions to this.
    • The period of validity of service vouchers is 8 months.


    • The purchase of service vouchers gives right to a tax advantage of 30% (limited to 1.400 euros or 155 vouchers).
    • Low-income users who do not pay taxes enjoy this benefit through a reimbursable tax credit.
    • Every year, on 1 April, Sodexo sends you a tax certificate that you should add to your tax declaration.
    • Young mothers who have resumed their activities as self-employed persons, receive 105 free service vouchers from the social insurance offices within the framework of maternity benefits.

    Make an appointment for household help

    All performances are accomplished by employees of recognised companies. The list of recognised companies in your neighbourhood can be found on the website or can be applied for to Sodexo. The work or services performed can only be used for private needs.


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