De Biologische waarderingskaart



In 2014 a new version of the Biological Valuation Map (BVM) and the Natura 2000-habitatmap was published. These new maps are now available online and can be consulted online.

In the map application there is a selection menu on the right. For the consultation of both maps you first have to choose the theme ‘Milieu en natuur’ in the selection list followed by ‘natuur’. There select the layers ‘Biologische waarderingskaart’ - versie 2 and ‘Kaartlabels Biologische waarderingskaart – karteringseenheden’ for the Biological Valuation Map or ‘Natura 2000 Habitatkaart’ and ‘Kaartlabels Natura 2000 Habitat’ for the Natura 2000-habitatmap. The layers are only visible from the scale of 1: 45.000 and beyond. Zooming to a municipality or street is possible using the search option.

Users with access to GIS-software (there is free GIS-software available online) can download both maps by downloading ‘Biologische_Waarderingskaart_en_Natura_2000_Habitatkaart_Toestand_2016’, available in both shapefile and GML-format.


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