News July 2024

Memorandum Flemish Scientific Institutions: Priorities for 2024-2029

The Flemish scientific institutions (VWIs), including INBO, publish a joint memorandum with proposals for better science-based policies. Although the institutions fall under different policy domains and carry out research in different disciplines, they face similar challenges and work closely together, including on research, infrastructure, Open Science and human resources policy.

The research of the VWIs focuses both on fundamental research and on the scientific underpinning of policy decisions through applied research. The Flemish scientific institutions play a crucial role in the creation, implementation and monitoring of Flemish regulations on agriculture, nature protection, water-related infrastructure, art and immovable heritage. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp and Botanical Garden Meise also have an important public function.

In this joint memorandum, we briefly introduce ourselves and formulate proposals to achieve a better science-based policy. We also highlight current obstacles and propose remedies, such as:

  • strengthening policy-preparing research in Flemish scientific institutions with an additional allocation from the Flemish government
  • equal access for Flemish scientific institutions (including their own capital) to funding channels for scientific research
  • equate the regulation of Flemish scientific institutions with federal scientific institutions
  • financial security for the 'international research infrastructure' programme via FWO-Vlaanderen
  • sufficient investment resources for renewal of outdated buildings and research infrastructure
  • optimise management of the Flemish government's historic castle gardens and parks
  • in case of a possible state reform: strive for logical clustering and economies of scale.

Hilde Eggermont

Image above: Jeroen Mentens (Vildaphoto)


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