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Contrasting Resource Dynamics in Mast Years for European Beech and Oak. A Continental Scale Analysis

De samenvatting is helaas nog niet in het Nederlands beschikbaar.


Aantal pagina's 17
Volume 4
Pagina's (van-tot) 1-17
Type A1: Web of Science-artikel
Categorie Onderzoek
Taal Engels

@book{eb75ad7a-a8d7-4e6d-b98c-a9271eb69354, title = "Contrasting Resource Dynamics in Mast Years for European Beech and Oak", author = "Anita Nussaumer and Arthur Gessler and Sue Benham and Bruno de Cinti and Sophia Etzold and Morten Ingerslev and Frank Jacob and François Lebourgeois and Tom Levanic and Hrvoje Marjanovic and Manuel Nicolas and Masa Zorana Ostrogovic Sever and Tibor Priwitzer and Pasi Rautio and Peter Roskams and Tanja G.M. Sanders and Maria Schmitt and Vit Sramek and Anne Thimonier and Liisa Ukonmaanaho and Arne Verstraeten and Lars Vesterdal and Markus Wagner and Peter Waldner and Andreas Rigling", year = "2021", doi = "https://doi.org/10.3389/ffgc.2021.689836", language = "Engels", series = "", publisher = "", number = "", address = "België", }


Anita Nussaumer
Arthur Gessler
Sue Benham
Bruno de Cinti
Sophia Etzold
Morten Ingerslev
Frank Jacob
François Lebourgeois
Tom Levanic
Hrvoje Marjanovic
Manuel Nicolas
Masa Zorana Ostrogovic Sever
Tibor Priwitzer
Pasi Rautio
Peter Roskams
Tanja G.M. Sanders
Maria Schmitt
Vit Sramek
Anne Thimonier
Liisa Ukonmaanaho
Arne Verstraeten
Lars Vesterdal
Markus Wagner
Peter Waldner
Andreas Rigling