Optimized hybrid model for coastal safety assessment. Source generation in DualSPHysics model. 2nd‐year progress report

The document represents a progress report of the second year of the 15_009 project on Optimized hybrid model for coastal safety assessment. Main aim of the first year was the implementation of an efficient, simple and accurate wave generation, wave absorption technique and active wave absorption system (AWAS) in DualSPHysics code as stand-alone model. The 1st year research reveals that AWAS is effective for monochromatic and random waves. On the other hand AWAS is based on linear theory, therefore it is theoretically not applicable to the region where non-linearity is dominant, e.g. breaking zone. However, to decrease computational cost of the coupling model, the coupling point needs to be in the breaking zone. In order to tackle this problem, we explored the applicability of wave absorption for hybridization (AWAS-hy) method in the 2nd year research. In this report, the implementation and validation results are presented.

Optimized hybrid model for coastal safety assessment: source generation in DualSPHysics model, 2nd‐year progress report

oktober 2017
T. Suzuki, C. Altomare, P. Peeters, F. Mostaert
FHR reports 15_009_2