The present report describes the pre‐design of the inlet and outlet structures for a projected side drainage adjacent to the Neerharen lock (BE). An initial estimation of the discharge is provided by de Vlaamse Waterweg (dVW) and verified here using depth‐discharge relationships. Furthermore, this study contemplates the provisional dimensioning of the conduit comprising the drainage, plus the revision of the flow control structure suggested by Kwaliteits Waterbeheersing Techniek (KWT) and the conception of an outlet structure towards the main channel downstream. Additional suggestions are given for each of the features just described. Tools of classical hydraulics and numerical simulations are used for the dimensioning and verification of the structures suggested, and sketches of the flow profiles proposed. This study needs to be revisited once the final design of the drainage is available.
Juni 2022
Scheepvaart, waterwegen en zeewezen
S. López Castaño, J. Vercruysse
FHR reports 21_083_1