FLANDRIA opts for sustainable production

In 1995, the Belgian auction cooperatives developed the Flandria label for tomatoes and chicory. Seventeen years later, Flandria is looking to the future more than ever before. From a pure quality label, Flandria is now making the leap to a quality label with even more attention for sustainable production. This is expressed visually with the integration of the Responsibly Fresh logo in the FLANDRIA visual.

How it all started
In the beginning of the 1990s, production was confronted with an oversupply of tomatoes and consequently with bad prices. The Belgian vegetable auctions reacted with the Flandria quality label, under the auspices of the umbrella organisation VBT. Flandria started out initially with specifications for chicory and tomatoes. The foundations for a success story had been laid.

To the top of the European vegetable labels
Seventeen years later, the Flandria family comprises more than 60 types of fruit and vegetables and has emerged as a sound value in market shelves at home and abroad. The extensive offer in combination with the name recognition by more than 90% of German and French (professional) customers and a name recognition by nearly 75% of Belgian consumers, make Flandria one of the leading vegetable labels in Europe at this time.

From environmentally friendly cultivation to sustainability
“Environmentally friendly cultivation was one of the requirements of the Flandria specifications from the outset. This was symbolised by the green bow with the yellow butterfly. In the meantime, this ecological pillar has become too limited, given the fact that society is attaching increasingly more importance to sustainability in all its facets. Economic and social elements had to be given their place in the Flandria story as well (people, planet, profit). The new Responsibly Fresh initiative is the response to this demand for sustainable products. So Flandria is stepping right into the Responsibly Fresh story and is integrating it in its own specifications.

New logo
The development from environmentally friendly to sustainable is clearly visible in the Flandria logo. As of February 2012, the yellow butterfly will make room for the colourful G of Responsibly Fresh. The text in the green bow is also changed from “environmentally friendly cultivation” to “Responsibly Fresh.” In other words, evolution not revolution, because this development is a logical next step after years of environmentally friendly efforts. The Flandria quality remains a top priority – naturally!

For more information, go to: www.flandria-info.be

Also have a look at our press release concerning Responsibly Fresh

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