Acer ‘Frisine’ surprises with yellow bordered leaves

The multicoloured Acer platanoides ‘Frisine’ was found in 2006 alongside a road in the Czech Republic. The yellow bordered leaves are stunning in springtime.
Frisine has a columnar habit that refers to Acer platanoides ‘Columnare'. The growth strength is moderate. In March-April, like other Acer platanoides species, ‘Frisine’ forms the typical green-yellow flowers.
The fruits and fruiting season are like the species. ‘Frisine’ prefers a moderate, not too moist soil with a moderate PH. The mature height is 10-15m, winter hardiness zone is 4 (-34°/-29°C).
This Acer platanoides ‘Frisine’ is a selection from the nursery of De Martelaer Laanboomkwekerij. Currently, around 500 pcs are available in the sizes 150-175 until 8/10cm.
The plants benefits are clearly the ornamental, multi-coloured leaves, and it is perfect for application in gardens, parks, streets and other public green areas.

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