Belgium at the IPM Essen (24-27/01/2023)

IPM Essen is the place to meet for the international horticultural sector and Belgium has had several group stands since the trade fair’s inception. Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board (VLAM) will be present at the next edition, together with 36 Flemish horticultural companies.

36 companies at 3 group stands

VLAM will participate in the 2023 edition of the IPM Essen with no fewer than 36 Flemish horticultural companies. An eagerly awaited event, in view of the measures that were in place for so long due to the corona pandemic. The participating companies span the entire Belgian horticultural range, from typical Flemish products such as azaleas, rhododendrons, flowering indoor plants, Flemish laurel and chrysanthemums, to shrubs, young and bedding plants and tree nursery products. The VLAM group stands are spread over three halls:

  • Hall 2 (stands B25 + D26 and 30): Dataflor, De Croock, De Vos-Hertschap, John Wilde, Denis-Plants, Deroose Plants-Exotic Plant, Floramor, Gediflora, Herplant, Helleborus, Hortinno, Joluplant, Leybaert, Microflor, Pelargonium De Cock, Rudy Raes Bloemzaden, Stevens Planten, Vegobel
  • Hall 6 (stand C26): Jules Block, Calle-Plant, Geert Bogaert, Raf Goossens, Heyeveld, Laurica-plants, Plant Select, tree nursery Peter Rimbaut, Van Poecke & zn, Vandamme Sierplanten, tree nursery Patrick Vos
  • Hall 8 (stands C42 and D26): ADM Greentraders, Neyt-Van Sante, Sylva, Van Hulle B&C, Vista Verde and Meerplant


The Belgian group stands can be recognised by the "FLANDERS/BELGIUM" signs and the colourful stacks of cubes with various pictures of plants, trees and shrubs. They represent the diversity and solution-oriented approach of the Flemish horticultural sector. The slogan "WE GROW YOUR WAY" refers to the bespoke customer service the Belgian family businesses offer.

At the stands there is special attention for the export platform Visitors can use the platform to search for a supplier in the database, find information about which trade fairs are being participated in and gain more insight into the Flemish horticultural sector thanks to the various product blocks, background information, figures and company reports.

Climate-proof trees and plants

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges for the global green sector. In Belgium, the "Technopool Sierteelt", a partnership that brings together four leading Flemish research centres, offers assistance to horticultural companies. The knowledge gained here flows on to the companies and strengthens their competitive position amongst the world leaders. The Belgian range of climate-proof trees and plants is constantly being expanded.

Sustainability, efficient use of resources, integrated pest management, etc., are naturally high on the agenda of the Belgian players.