Exotic Plant brings colour to the interior

Vivid colours are in again. In fashion, and definitely in the interior. The three new Guzmanias from Exotic Plant bring any room to life with their striking red and yellow tints.

Guzmania ‘Amoretto’
With its intense red colour and broad flower, the Guzmania ‘Amoretto’ introduces love and passion into any room. It reaches a height of 70 cm and has a compact broad leaf. The ‘Amoretto’ is grown in pots of size 9 to 14.

Guzmania ‘Happyness’
The Guzmania ‘Happyness’ makes any interior warm and cosy. The red flower with yellow tips has a superbly rounded torch shape that will give you pleasure for five months. This variety grows up to 70 cm and can be grown in pots of size 12 to 15. It is completed by a broad, dark-green leaf.

Guzmania ‘Mirador’
The yellow and red flower of the Guzmania ‘Mirador’ is a real show-stealer. This bright variety that grows up to 50 cm refreshes and brings colour to any room. The colour contrasts superbly with the dark-green leaves. ‘Mirador’ is grown in pots of size 12 to 14.

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