Fall Magic line surprises with four new Coprosma varieties

Shiny leaves that change colour depending on the play of light. That is the magical effect of the new ‘Fall Magic’ Coprosma line. The four new additions add a magic touch to gardens and patios and are highly maintenance-friendly.

Play of colour and light
Coprosma plants are also called mirror plants. Not by chance: the highly glossy leaves play with light and produce a surprising effect in the garden or on the patio. Last year the De Jaeger – Saey plant nursery already launched a first series of four Coprosmas, viz. Fire Burst®, Tequila Sunrise®, Pinacolada® and Karo Red®. From September 2010 there is another new series available, consisting of Midnight Martini®, Dark Cloud®, Lemon and Lime® and Evening Glow®. Each with its own colour range so that a suitable variety can be found for any garden or patio.

Maintenance and environmentally friendly
Conveniently, the plants are sold in a shiny silver-grey ornamental pot. It perfectly fits in with the glossy leaves and the colour also matches the different varieties. So the cultivation pot is also the final pot, and the plants do not have to be repotted. Easy for the consumer and good for the plant!
The Fall Magic plants are also very maintenance friendly. It is absolutely no problem if you forget to water them, for these Coprosma varieties are highly resistant to dryness. Furthermore, during the last (harsh) winter, tests showed that they are very hardy. Neither does this plant attract any pests. So pesticides are completely superfluous, which probably makes Coprosmas the most environmentally-friendly plants. Finally, each plant comes with a stick-in plant label with care instructions. A handy reminder for owners of the plant.

The evergreen shrubs grow to a height of 30 to 40 cm and a width of 30 cm and prefer a sunny place or partial shade. These Fall Magic Coprosmas like to play their colour and light show on a patio or balcony in the garden and even in public green areas. Both as solitary plants and in groups they come perfectly into their own.

The Fall Magic line was created by a Danish producer company and has cultivator rights protection in Europe. The Belgian company De Jaeger – Saey has been marketing the new series since 1 September 2010. They were already presented at the Florall fair at the end of August and at FloraHolland Autumn Fair at the beginning of September. Moreover, the entire line is beautifully presented on www.dejaegersaey.be.

Pictures of the new Fall Magic line can be downloaded below.

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