Fikoplant: the first Flemish company awarded the highest international sustainability hallmark

In September 2011, the Fikoplant indoor plant company in Koningshooikt was awarded the highly-prized MPS-Florimark Production hallmark. This special hallmark brings with it the heaviest international obligations imposed on ornamental plant production.

MPS-Florimark Production consists of four sub-certificates that give a guarantee of sustainability. By registering and certifying environmental, social and quality aspects, one receives not only a certificate of a high standard, but one also knows exactly how the company is run. This offers the opportunity of more efficient work, greater motivation and cost-saving. In addition, MPS-A and PMS Socially Qualified can also be used for Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP), the consumer label for sustainably cultivated flowers and plants.

‘A total of only 100 European companies in this sector have a Florimark certificate. It is obviously not so easy to get one. But Koen and Nancy were determined to obtain the certificate and that’s what makes their company unique,’ says Theo De Groot, CEO of MPS.

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Picture ( © Willy De Geest): Theo De Groot (CEO MPS), left and Dirk Lootens (president VMS) on the right, hand over the MPS-Florimark Production certificate to Koen and Nancy Peeters from Fikoplant (3rd and 4th from the left).

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