Flanders all set for Anuga 2023

From 7 to 11 October 2023, the global food industry will meet in Cologne. At the three group stands of the Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board, VLAM, around 40 companies will present themselves to international trade visitors. Belgium has a lot to offer in the area of agrifood. With an export value of around 8.7 billion euros, above all beef, pork and veal as well as poultry, rabbit and dairy products score well with foreign clients.

Meat suppliers offer top quality and flexible service

Over a million tonnes of pork were commercially produced in Belgium in 2022, of which 746,524 tonnes were sold abroad. Belgian pork is particularly popular in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. Flanders’ pork industry stands out due to its top quality, flexible service and high slaughter yields.

Whilst 238,137 tonnes of beef and veal were produced, the corresponding export of those meats came to 165,272 tonnes. The main clients are the Netherlands, France and Germany. Customised Belgian beef is almost predestined for the most diverse production processes.

At their regular place in Hall 6, at stand E010, the Flemish meat suppliers together with the Belgian Meat Office team will be happy to answer any questions visitors have. This year once again guests will be treated to refined meat delicacies created by the Brussels Hotel School, COOVI.

Further information about the Anuga presence of the meat suppliers can be found on www.flandersmeat.com.

Milk industry writes history

The Belgian milk industry wrote history in 2022: with over seven billion euros, the previous year’s sales were exceeded by a good 30 percent. This outstanding result is primarily due to increased producer prices.

In 2022, 4.3 billion litres of milk were produced in the kingdom. White drinking milk topped the product ranking (646 million litres), followed by various milk products (milk drinks, fermented milk, etc. with 597 million litres), cream (260 million litres), powdered milk (225,000 tonnes) and 121,000 tonnes of cheese. What is striking, is the sharp rise in mozzarella production, that in the meantime represents about one third of the range of natural cheeses.

The export curve of Belgian dairy products comes to 2.7 million tonnes for 2022, which is a four percent increase. In total, 5.4 billion euros were generated in business abroad. The biggest export successes are white drinking milk, cheese, yoghurt and skimmed milk powder. The Netherlands, France and Germany head the list of clients.

At the VLAM dairy product stand in Hall 10, three Belgian companies will present themselves: Belgian Butter Design (G031a), Inex (H030) and Olympia (G031).

More information is available on www.flandersdairyproducts.com.

Poultry is popular with the neighbours

The Belgian poultry statistics showed that 298 million animals were slaughtered in the year 2022. Chickens, turkeys and ducks were the most numerous.

The total amount of poultry meat produced was 442,000 tonnes. Just under 417,000 tonnes were sold abroad, mainly in France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Six companies will represent the Belgian poultry industry in Hall 9: Cooreman (C035), Klaasen & Co. (D038), Nollens (C039), Paas Food Industries (C037), Pludis (D032) and Van-O-Bel (C033a).

More information is available on www.flanderspoultrymeat.com.

Rabbit meat acclaimed export product

Belgian producers sold around 4,000 tonnes of rabbit meat on foreign markets last year. The majority was ordered by the Netherlands, Germany and France.

At the VLAM stand in Hall 9, two companies specialising in rabbit meat will present themselves: Lonki (C033) and Van Assche (C039a).

More information is available on www.flandersrabbitmeat.com.